Van Dorsen Artists offers full service for the entire production process, covering everything from pre to post production. This includes casting, permits, location scouting, logistics, negotiating budgets, scheduling and production accounting, as well as handling any other issues that might occur along the way.  

We tailor each production process to ensure that it suits your specific project.


01. IDEA

The early spark of imagination. 

Ideas develop into a creative treatment that forms the concept of our project. 



Preparation of call sheets, location scouting, permits, casting and photo shooting schedule. 

Once each element is created, it is approved by the Client.



We have production crews to best meet Client’s needs and range of budgets.



On production day we are ready to handle any issues that might occur.

No matter the size or format of your project, we can handle your production.



Editing and retouching.



Sign off from Client and the full campaign is delivered.

During our many years in business, we have developed a detailed knowledge of how the fashion industry is organized, both in Poland and internationally. 

This ensures that we have knowledge and a well-developed professional network, regardless of where in the world the production takes place. 

Moreover, we represent top industry Talents providing our Clients with great opportunities.