Paweł Czerniakowski | founder
+48 503 032 297


Ania Boczkowska | talent management
+48 780 165 153


Joanna Senderska | production
+ 48 780 154 830


Gosia Piasecka | production
+ 48 506 134 376

Magda Uherek | creative solutions
+48 503 547 964




ul. Racjonalizacji 6/8
02–673 Warsaw

phone: +48 22 847 20 03


We are a creative production house, run by five people, mainly engaged in advertising photography. We create campaigns from scratch, i.e. from the very idea, castings, location scouting, set design, team selection, to shooting, retouching and editing.

We provide services to Polish and foreign clients from clothing, fashion and beauty industries. 



Leading talent and creative solutions agency based in Warsaw.



We cooperate with production houses from Spain, South Africa and the USA. Thanks to such cooperation we organize advertising campaigns in Poland and abroad.

In addition to advertising campaigns, we also represents top Polish photographers, stylists, make up artists and hairstylists. We also organize special events on request.

Our artists are often members of juries of various photo contests, visiting lecturers, as well as experts working for such brands as L’Oreal, Nivea, or MAC.  On numerous occasions, they were also nominated for the most prestigious Polish advertising awards (KTR Awards).